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CWL THEME for 2010 - 2012

Living the Word of God in Charity, Work and Loyalty is the theme of the Catholic Women’s League for the Biennium 2010 – 2012. The theme helps us to set our hearts and minds on the vision it offers us.

Our theme serves as our Guiding Star as we all journey together; as a Compass to guide our way; and as an Inspiration to set our hearts on fire enabling us to fulfill our Mission for God and neighbor.

Living the Word of God in Charity is putting on the image of Christ, Who is the Word of God made flesh. If we CWL members, together as a group in coordination with others, put together our lives that we have fashioned in charity through the Word that is alive in us, then we are able to create a society, a piece of kingdom, which is the mirror of God’s love. Living the Word in charity is no other than living the virtue of love.

To live the Word of God in Work is to make Christ alive through our actions. We are all living the Word of God through the various projects and apostolate that we have been doing all these years.


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Message from the President

Greetings of peace and love!

Our CWL theme for the biennium 2010 – 2012 is “Living the Word of God in Charity, Work and Loyalty”.  We bear in us the responsibility to spread the Word of God to others.

Today, we are adopting a new means of communication to help us in spreading the Word more extensively. We are utilizing the internet to render the CWL mission and vision on a virtual platform and interconnect with everyone in the online world. Join us in this global information network, share with us your ideas and spread the word about our cause.

May the word of God be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path.

Your sister in Christ,


        National President

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